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Zoe Merewether

Stepping out of the terminal at Incheon International Airport, I thought I knew what to expect; my previous summer at Yonsei University had been a whirlwind of sightseeing and Kpop concerts. After only three days at Arirang News, I realized that the next two months would be unrecognizably different. Finally, and quite suddenly, I was experiencing the authentic aspects of living and working in Seoul. On our first Friday night, my fellow Stanford intern and I found ourselves sitting at a booth in a chicken and beer restaurant for the company’s annual party. The President and CEO gave speeches in Korean, and with help from my new friends, I understood the messages of teamwork and diligence. Over the next few weeks, I watched the news team put those values into action, as production crews, reporters, anchors, and techies construct both daily programs and special TV documentaries. As with any work experience, I learned quickly how to address my superiors and organize my schedule to meet deadlines. Our tasks included transcribing interviews and writing reports on everything from a UN Inquiry into North Korean human rights abuses, to the business models used by leading entertainment companies. In addition, we had the chance to explore Arirang’s other departments like Radio and Television. Not only was this a great opportunity to understand more about the nature of the Korean work environment, it also taught me so much about the coordination involved in running big companies. I hope to use my experience in the future when working with businesses throughout East Asia.

Internship Year: 
2 013
Company Name: 
Arirang TV
Seoul, South Korea