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Valdes Tita

The major highlight of my summer was the people. I met people with whom I related to on so many levels; with whom I shared wonderful experiences and learned a lot from. I visited as much of Uganda as I could. I explored Ugandan cuisine; the matoke, the rolex, the nut soup, etc. Every last Friday of the month was "Fire Friday" at work: an end of month Party with amazing ambience and entertainment.

I chose Uganda on a whim. I told myself to go on explore the world. I have to admit my first three weeks in Uganda were hard. The cultural shock, the lack of immediate necessities like a refrigerator or internet left me frustrated. But I got to adapt to a different environment and sort of rid myself of my nagging and over privileged tendencies. Moreover, I met amazing people who have collectively left a lasting impact on me. It was truly fascinating. From work to the adventures I had with the other interns both form Uganda and abroad. Work taught me a lot about professionalism and the functioning of the workspace in an African setting. As I venture into the international business scene, this was a very imperative step. I'll be more assertive, proactive and think outside the box thanks to the lessons learned from Fireworks advertising company.


Internship Year: 
2 015
Management, Science & Engineering
Company Name: 
Fireworks Advertising
Kampala, Uganda