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Thomas Nguyen

Part of the reason I loved working for Fulbright was how varied the summer was, and the different aspects of the Fulbright teaching program I was involved with. It felt like a rollercoaster ride, high-stress days followed by low stress periods.

They include:

-Working with the past years Fulbright English Teaching Grantees run the summer English camps across six middle schools in Taipei. This meant anything from taking photos of students, playing English one-on-one with students who had the most difficulty, running around with the students playing water dodgeball (all part of the lesson plan!).

-Arrival and orientation for new Fulbright English Teaching Grantees (about 70)

-Of course, office time, which included organizing files from the last 60 years by working with the Taiwanese interns and changing the layout of the Fulbright library and resource center.

It was my first time in Asia and Taiwan, but I can assure you, it won't be my last. I live to eat, and it felt everyone in Taipei felt the same way. I'm continually amazed at the plethora of food stalls, and made it my goal to eat everything I could. I'm counting on quinoa and kale on campus will put me back to shape.

There are few moments I believe I will remember forever, but this summer will undoubtedly be there. I can't truly describe how amazing this opportunity has been for me, and how grateful I am for the opportunity from the Global Studies. For the longest time, I thought that it was because of all the novel things I was experiencing and different problems that I faced, but it has been more that. This summer allowed me to understand myself more, something I haven't been quite able to do my first year of Stanford, where the support made it easy to not concentrate on much else but academics. In Taipei, I always take risks here in a way that I never had to back in school, and I feel that I grew because of that. I now have the confidence to not only apply my Chinese, but also in my decision-making.

Internship Year: 
2 016
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