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Quyen Nguyen

I had the opportunity to intern at Ashoka in Dublin this summer. There, I helped design a new website for the non-profit, which was a great exercise in digital communication and specifically web interface design. I also gained first-hand insights into the inner workings of non-profit administration - the dedication of everyone in our office to improve Irish education or environment-friendly farming practices as well as the difficulty in fundraising that non-profits are familiar with.

I have learned a lot about the non-profit sector this summer and hope to continue to gain even deeper experience in the future. Ireland was a beautiful country to be in and I'm grateful to have had the chance to travel during my internship and experience the wonderful music and literature of Ireland. Overall, it was a formative summer.

Internship Year: 
2 015
Comparative Literature, Economics
Company Name: 
Ashoka Ireland
Dublin, Ireland