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Jeffrey Yu

I came into the Department of Sports medicine knowing little about sports, sports injuries, and even thought I was quite the expert at weightlifting. That all changed very quickly. In a short two months, I witnessed live orthopedic surgery, helped with mouse surgery, participated in isokinetic experiments, trained with professional golfers using vibration equipment, visited Olympic training facilities, learned about athletic taping and how to utilize it, explored the vibrant scene of Taiwanese community health, and most personally for me, I unlearned all my weightlifting techniques and learned again from scratch.

These two months have been a humbling experience, teaching me not only an enormous amount of technical material in regards to sports injuries and community health but also an important skill -- the ability to be wrong, a readiness let go of what I thought I knew and whole-heartily receive information, stories, and experiences. I now feel Taiwan is very much a part of me. 

Internship Year: 
2 015
Company Name: 
China Medical University
Taichung, Taiwan