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Jasmine Park

My experience in Shanghai was one of the most valuable experiences in all aspects from working in China to living alone.  I always thought that learning about work and technical things came second to learning the people and culture. My stay in Shanghai once again confirmed that. I enjoyed most talking to people (mostly my co-workers) who had come from totally different backgrounds and therefore those who had a very different train of thought. Rather than judging, we freely talked and discussed our thoughts and beliefs. We began to understand each other. Even outside of work, the people I met were those I would never have met if I had not come to this city and I enjoyed getting to know them in very different settings than at work. I learned about the city through the people and valued it even more because of the people I met.  I felt that going to Shanghai and interacting with my co-workers and the interns was a new world. I began to understand that there are things about the IT industry and localization patterns that I had not known. Rather than asking, "This seems useless, how is this practical?" or "Who would use this, we already have things that are better out there", I started to say "There may be a different target for this that I don't understand, let's learn about it" or "That doesn't really make sense but do people here need it because of some reason?"  I came back with an appreciation for a city that I only had idealistic thoughts about and am actually ready to go back if I have a chance. I thank my co-workers for making my stay so comfortable and my parents who supported my decision in all ways.  Till next time, bye Shanghai, hello home.

Internship Year: 
2 013
Science, Technology and Society
Company Name: 
Shanghai, China