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Aline Bass

I was able to intern in Shanghai this summer and benefitted from a memorable summer and work experience. Living and learning about Shanghai was a rare opportunity. Although I had briefly visited Shanghai a few years ago, I discovered this summer how much the city had transformed within just half a decade. Shanghai has evolved into a first-class international city, and yet, the city still radiates a unique Chinese cultural and historical flair—one that has intrigued and engaged foreigners and locals for over a century.

I worked as a summer intern associate at InterChina Consulting in the Mergers & Acquisitions advisory group and the firm was very welcoming from day one. Their bicultural background and value-added emphasis contributes to a dynamic corporate culture. InterChina’s expertise is in multiple industries and I was exposed to conducting business in China as well as the intricate and rigorous atmosphere of M&A. From drafting project proposals to sector research, I was able to deepen my knowledge on topics of interest while honing my business skills. My supervisors provided me with many opportunities, such as including me on important meetings and conferences; I was even able to attend a trip to Shanxi for fieldwork, due diligence, and face-to-face interviews! Official office work was conducted in English, while fieldwork and due diligence was often in Chinese, thus providing an ideal balance for me. Everyday, my co-workers and I would have lunch together where the discussions would range from China’s economic climate to current Chinese pop culture, allowing for interesting conversations along with great company and food.

This unique summer experience has significantly molded my perspective of business in China as well as providing me with a better sense of corporate business. Furthermore, working in Shanghai and at InterChina Consulting has definitely confirmed my desire to work in China in the future. 

Internship Year: 
2 012
Company Name: 
InterChina Consulting
Shanghai, China