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Alex Chen

I had an amazing time working as a research assistant in the Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital Research Lab in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. My principal investigator and coworkers were more than willing to guide me through each step of the research process. The lessons that I learned will prove to be invaluable in my future medical career. My experience this summer gave me a greater sense of independence, knowledge about a new country, and more interest in research.

I would not be doing justice to my experience if I did not mention the wonderful food and people. There is no better way to appreciate Taiwanese culture than to go to a night market and sample all the exceptionally inexpensive and delicious food possible (especially stinky tofu!). In addition, the hospitality and kindness shown by the Taiwanese people are unparalleled. The slightly cliché tourist slogan is “Taiwan, Touch Your Heart,” but by the end of my trip, I realized that this tiny island had deeply touched mine.

Internship Year: 
2 012
Company Name: 
Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital
Kaohsiung, Taiwan